Application Process
So you want to apply...
If you've read About Us and have decided that you would like to enter a consensual nerd relationship with our merry band of dragon slayers, please follow the following guidelines in order to submit an application that we will take seriously.

Tell us, as best you can and in whatever format you think will be most persuasive, why we should want you to raid with us. To be considered, apps should include links to relevant armory pages, WoL parses, UI screenshots or fraps footage, as well as guild history with reasons for departure. It is impossible for your application to be too long or too detailed. We like stories.

You may submit your application as a thread in our application forum, or if you prefer a private app, via PM to one (preferably all) of our officers.

We will contact you if we need more information, or if we want to schedule a vent interview. If we don't contact you, you are welcome to verify with one of the officers below that your app has been received/reviewed.

Trial Process
If you are accepted for a trial we will bring you in for as many raids as possible in an effort to evaluate your situational awareness, class/role performance, social fit, and your ability to handle new situations.

At the end of 30 days if we feel the need to evaluate you further we will offer a trial extension. If you've met or exceeded our expectations you will be promoted. If we don't feel that you would improve our raid group we will not promote you, and barring any social problems we will invite you to stay in the guild at a social rank.

Everything cool so far?
Link to our application forum

If you wish to submit a private application, send it as a forum PM to the following users:
Aerivore, Shadak, and Sov

En->ToS Mythic Cleared
Tues/Thurs 9pm-1am CST
Quality Players with Quality Attitudes
Mythic Argus - Frost Mage PoV
Mythic Aggramar - Frost Mage PoV
Mythic Coven of Shivarra - Frost Mage PoV
Mythic Varimathras - Frost Mage PoV
Skunkworks - Mythic Kin'garoth