Skunkworks Summer Sales v2.016!
Posted by Infinitum on May 16, 2016
As the expansion winds to a close, we're offering one spot per week to players interested in purchasing a carry through a full 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel clear. This clear includes all gear that you would want, including tier pieces and trinkets, minus warforged/socketed gear (reserved for our raiders).

At this time, Archimonde's mount is not for sale, but feel free to inquire on when we expect it will be available.

Prices in gold:
Hellfire Citadel (13/13M) 785,000
Hellfire Citadel (12/13M) 485,000
Hellfire Citadel (11/13M) 285,000

Mythic: Hellbreach 50,000
Mythic: Halls of Blood 85,000
Mythic: Bastion of Shadows 85,000
Mythic: Destructor's Rise 265,000

Single Boss Kills
Archimonde 355,000
Single Bosses (1-12) Upon Request

Priority for loot will be given to buyers of the full run (13/13 bosses), however we may offer a spot to an additional person for a lower wing of the instance. We will coordinate in advance with all parties to ensure no competition with loot, so please let us know what you are looking for (if anything specific). We do not in any way guarantee you a loot piece to drop.

Gold must be on Stormreaver, and a deposit of 20% is expected when you reserve your spot, and the remainder is required at the start of raid. We'll coordinate with you on what date works for you. All raid times are on Tuesday at 9pm central standard time, and typically last about 3 hours with one 8 minute break at or around 11pm. Rarely we may end up using the full 4 hours allocated, and even more rarely we may require the use of our second raid day (Thursday at the same time). Please be prepared for this possibility.

You may cancel at any time, but we will not refund the deposit if given less than 24 hours notice. We understand emergencies happen, so please be open with us, we would be happy to reschedule you to a different week if something comes up. No refunds will be given after raid begins.

You are welcome to participate in the fights for the lower tiers, but please respect and be prepared to suicide after tagging the boss for later fights of the instance. This will be required for the last 2 wings at minimum.

To schedule an appointment please message either Aerivore (Aerivore#1581) or Nikkelz (Nikkelz#1854) in game or send them a PM on these forums.
M: Archimonde
Posted by Infinitum on Jan 06, 2016
To quote Graffin... Archidown.

M: Mannoroth
Posted by Infinitum on Dec 07, 2015
M: Xhul'horac
Posted by Aerivore on Oct 31, 2015
M: Tyrant Velhari
Posted by Aerivore on Oct 17, 2015
HFC Heroic, HM/BRF Mythic Clear
Tues/Thurs 9pm-1am CST
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