Mythic: Iron Maidens
Posted by Infinitum on May 13, 2015
It's been a while since we had a progression kill on a Tuesday. Good stuff!

Mythic: Operator Thogar
Posted by Graffin on May 01, 2015
Operator Thogar is DEAD.

So is Infinitum
Mythic: Kromog
Posted by Infinitum on Apr 07, 2015
Mythic: Flamebender Ka'graz + Gruul
Posted by Infinitum on Mar 27, 2015
Two kills in one night!

Mythic: Hans'gar + Franzok
Posted by Infinitum on Mar 25, 2015
And we're here to Pump... You Up!!

14/14H 25m Tier 16 (SoO)
Tues/Thurs 9pm-1am CST
Exceptional Players Considered
Mythic Iron Maidens - Combat Rogue
Mythic Operator Thogar - Combat Rogue
Mythic Beastlord Darmac - Subtlety Rogue
Mythic Kromog - Combat Rogue
Mythic Flamebender Ka'graz - Subtlety Rogue
Mythic Hans & Franz - Subtlety Rogue
Mythic Gruul - Subtlety Rogue
Mythic Oregorger - Subtlety Rogue