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Posted by Infinitum on Jun 28, 2019
Thank you to everyone that was a part of this wonderful experience!

For now, here are some inspirational musings from the Chupa, which happen to be download olymp trade desktop the first recruitment ideas/posts of what would eventually become Skunkworks.

Also - this is still around:



I'd like to throw out for discussion the idea of a "serious" guild that only raids two nights a week with a third "soft" raid night for fun/non progression stuff like working on achievements, world PVP, guild battlegrounds etc. Two nights and serious might seem like an oxymoron, but after a couple failed "real" raiding guilds, and conversations with olymptrade.net.br/download/ other players whose opinions I respect, I see no reason why a guild made up of very skilled and mature players couldn't kill every boss and clear every instance while only raiding two nights a week. They won't do it as fast as the best 5 nights a week guilds, but they would do it. All I have to do is subtract the number of wipes due to preventable individual fail from the last year of my life, and the amount of time my guilds would have needed to kill bosses would have been a mere fraction of what it actually was.

I think there are enough people who play this game who are sufficiently skilled that would be interested in a more "casual" raid schedule, people with families, school, work etc. that preclude membership in a more traditional raiding guild. I myself have a wife, a kid, college courses, and an upcoming LSAT to worry about. I'm on the verge of creating such a guild on my server with the intention to start as small as necessary, and grow as slowly as necessary to maintain the absolute highest standards. I will only recruit people who are as immune to individual fail as humanly possible while avoiding the primadonnas, flakes, lootwhores, racists/pervs and otherwise undesireable dross that permeates my and every server. Crushridge has nothing like this, and while I'm sure I could find a home on another realm, I'm looking to stay where I am due to friends and family (who in most cases wouldn't be involved in the new guild)

I also intend to make it work on Crushridge partly because the server fails as much as it does. At the moment, no guild of either faction has killed Kil'jaeden, and most of the handful of guilds in Sunwell https://olymptrade.net.br/download/ have either been stuck on Brutallus for months, yes months, or stuck on M'uru for just as long. Raiding 5 nights a week has done nothing for these guilds besides burn out the few amazing players they had, driving many to transfer off realm.

So a truely stellar "Serious Casual" guild would really stand out on my server, clearing content at a slow pace by "world first" standards, but much faster than the terrible guilds that pass for high-end here.

Just a few nuts and bolts: I intend to recruit rerolls and transfers, using every resource available. Since the timing is great for that, especially with the refer-a-friend program and PVE --> PVP transfers, I think now is the time to get started and prepare for WotLK. I don't have any expectation of this working without a lot of players from other realms deciding that it would be something they want to be a part of. Crushridge just doesn't have the talent pool necessary to pull it off. We'll have all the things a good guild should have, a strong leader, knowledgeable officers, a well used website, fair dkp, good raid leadership, a well managed gbank etc. I hope to attract the kind of people who will want to invest themselves in something that at least on paper seems very valuable. I don't want to be a "gear up" guild, or a guild where people get in for the loot they want and then bail. I intend it to be a place where big boys and girls get together to make the most of the time they have to play a really great game, rather than a place where you feel like the only one in the room that doesn't need to put a helmet on in the morning.




I agree there isn't time in 2 raid nights to clear a lot of content. My intent is to streamline the process to the point that we won't NEED a lot of time. And yeah, I think one of the things we'll have to give up is farming multiple instances every week. In BC terms, we might have to alternate weeks with SSC and TK once we start in Hyjal, and drop them altogether once we start on BT in earnest, spending one night on content we have down, and spending most of the other night learning new encounters. Eventually the content we choose to farm will be quick and efficient to the point that there will be more than enough time to chew on a new boss every few weeks.

Even with those tougher fights like Kael, Vash, and Archi (which I don't consider hard personally), most of the time that my guilds spent wiping was because a handful of people just needed 2873 attempts to finally understand their role in the fight and what they needed to do to stay alive.

Some people only need 2-3 attempts on a boss like Archimonde before they understand perfectly what they need to do to stay alive and do their job. After that, they virtually never die. They stay alive on Council while others seem to find a way to die every attempt, leaving you 20 manning the boss. On the other hand, all but one of our tanks needed weeks of wipes, attempt after attempt, before they figured out how to dodge Illidan's eye beam. How many weeks do guilds wipe on Brutallus because of the handful of idiots that can't handle burn and end up spreading it to half the raid? Do you have people in your guild that make you PRAY they don't get marked for death on Gorfiend, because the next guy inevitably has to try and save the raid from the constructs running rampant?

I just want to see what a guild can do made up entirely of people who know their class, do their homework, understand the mechanics of the game and the boss fights in it, who come prepared to kill bosses every night. I assert that the reason some guilds need a "hardcore" raiding schedule just to struggle through content is because they are carrying people. People who need to outgear an encounter before they stand a chance of beating it. People who aren't proactive or independent enough to solve their own problems, and who rely on raid leaders and class leaders to force feed them the Hoocked awn Fonix version over the course of weeks and months. Remove those people from the equation and what do you get? Win.

And I'm ok if it takes longer to progress than it does for the best hardcore guilds. I can't be in those guilds anyway, so it's no loss for me. I just want to be able to see everything Blizzard dreams up, and have fun doing it. This all sounds elitist and jerkish (jerky?) but really, people have more fun when fail and drama caused by inequality are taken out of the picture.


[H] <Casually Serious> recruiting "hardcore casual" players for LK raiding.

Warning! Wall of text inc! (but it's worth reading I promise)

Have you ever wondered how quickly a guild could progress if individual fail weren't an issue? Have you ever wiped on Archimonde for the 2347298th time and felt you were the only player in the raid who doesn't have to put a helmet on in the morning? Do you ever wish you could play WoW like a game, rather than have to treat it like a job just to progress? Do you hate stupid guild drama? Are you someone who would app for Nihilum if you only had the time, but sadly you're "cursed" with a real life (a family, school, work, etc.) and can't manage 5+ raid nights a week?

If you answered yes to these questions, <Casually Serious> might be for you.

After progressing up to Brutallus with an average guild on an average server, and doing much less with lesser guilds, I looked back at the countless hours of my life I had spent wiping because of other people's fail. Nothing in this game is hard enough that it would be beyond the reach of serious, skilled, mature players raiding just two nights a week. Spending far more than that for lousy progression means you have dead weight dragging you down. People who die in the fire, people who don't take the time to learn fights and understand their own roles, healers who let tanks die, tanks who can't hold aggro, DPS that unfathomably don't know how to push the 2 key. This game isn't rocket science, and yet the fail players are legion.

Casually Serious aims to maintain a zero tolerance for fail policy, recruiting and growing as slowly as necessary in order to ensure that every member has the same vision, the same skillset, and the same level of maturity necessary to work together to push the limits of progression while only raiding two nights a week. Blizzard has done a great deal to make raiding more casual friendly: balancing classes, homogenizing buffs and abilities, removing heavy consumable requirements, etc. There has never been a better time than now to start over, and be part of something that will enable you to make the most out of your time spent playing this great game.

We will raid two nights a week with a third 'soft' non-progression night for guild PvP, old content, achievements, etc. Core raid nights will most likely be during the week starting around 6-7 Pacific and ending between 11-12 Pacific time TBD. Since we will only be raiding two nights, 100% attendance will be very important, and I would like nothing more than to only have 25-30 members who are all invested in the same vision. That vision is to kill the 25 man version of Arthas, and to do it as fast as possible within the restraints of "casual" raiding. Crushridge is a below average server (no guilds are currently killing KJ, and the few that are in Sunwell are wiping on Brut or M'uru) So even with just 2 raid nights a week, there is a good chance we will be the best PVE guild on the server. So don't join if you're looking for a "kara guild." Think of this of an SK Gaming 'lite'.

Do not apply if you are looking for more or less than two nights a week of serious raiding.

Do not apply if you are not 100% confident in your abilities as a player, and your maturity as a human being. We will only recruit people who are as immune to individual fail as humanly possible while avoiding the primadonnas, flakes, loot@#@@*s, racists/pervs and otherwise undesireable dross that permeates my and every server.

Do not apply if you aren't the kind of person that obsesses about your class, who occasionally spends time at work theorycrafting a better cast/dps rotation. If you've never heard of elitistjerks.com, you might not be what we're looking for. If you don't know what use a spreadsheet would be in maximizing your dps/tps, you might not be what we're looking for.

Do apply if you want to be a part of something great, something unique, and something very rewarding. If you're not afraid of a challenge, and you're not intimidated by responsibility and teamwork, then this guild is for you.

This is a brand new guild recruiting transfers and rerolls for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. As such, we have no gear expectations, and to some extent, no raiding history expectations. Every serious application will be handled individually, and if you feel like you are what we're looking for even though you have never set foot in BT, we'll talk about it.

Since it is a new guild, don't expect to raid Sunwell or anything else for that matter for a while. Don't be turned off by the challenge of a new guild, look at it as an opportunity to be part of creating something great. The guild is so new that my tag hasn't updated, and a few of the future members from my server haven't come over yet.

If you are interested, or if you have questions, visit us at:

Casually Serious

with an armory link and an explanation of why you think you would be a good fit for our guild.


Thanks again everyone - keep the digital dragon hunting going!
Jaina Proudmoore Dead looking for more.
Posted by Shadak on Jun 11, 2019
She has died two times now, and I am not sure if we have a picture yet. Very good rekill guys. We are looking for more.
M: Mekkatorque + Blockade
Posted by Infinitum on May 10, 2019

Atm @13% on Jaina.. forgot to post these!
Mythic Battle of Dazar'alor Update (6/9)
Posted by Sov on Mar 01, 2019

Up to 6/9 Mythic down! Screenshot for Champions is missing but it felt more like trash anyway.
M: G'huun
Posted by Sov on Dec 04, 2018

Mythic G'huun down for 8/8 in Uldir! Great job coming in on an extra night, being prepared and getting the kill in a very timely manner. And of course a thank you to the Zul specialists who sat for most of progression, and the handful of people who were in and out on many attempts but weren't in for the kill.
Battle of Dazar'alor
9/9 Mythic
Tues/Thurs 9pm-1am CST
Quality Players with Quality Attitudes
Mythic Jaina - Shadow Priest PoV